Beauty App

Well, we found this one on 99 designs a while ago and the idea was to make an app for booking hair and makeup stylists. it immediately touched Bojan's feminine side. He simply couldn't resist... Ok, ok...Marta did all the work... Anyway, we ended up winning the contest, but we wont tell you the name of the app, because it is still in development.

iOS Application

To be clear, we only worked on the design for this app. Overall it relies on images of pretty girls ... so how hard can it be? :) But it was hard! We ended up making somewhere around 10 different versions, and we were constantly talking to the contest holder (he was a really cool guy) and that was the key to winning ... as it always is. So there's a little piece of advice for all the young designers - Chose your contests (clients) wisely and make sure that they are willing and easy to communicate with. :)