A guy called David gives us a call, and says: "Hey guys I saw your work on dribbble, wanna work with me?" Yeah, sure, why not... Aaand, what is it about? It turns out he was making a diary application with lots of cool top secret features. It also turns out that he is one of the funniest guys we have ever met.

Logo / Mark

As for the logo, we made a few proposals, but ended up mostly doing some good old fashioned pixel pushing, because David was full of ideas and he wanted to see all of them in one place. These are just some of the proposals.


Rekordr was already half done when David contacted us, but they got stuck with some old design desigions. So our task was to make some proposals for the backend overhaul and to design the landing page with the usual stuff like features and how it works. In the end, a lot of ideas were thrown away and the one we are showing here is just one of them. The application is still being developed by David and his team and we are yet to find out how it will look in the end.