Your smile

Your smile is a dental clinic stationed in the heart of Belgrade. The owner Nemanja is a young dentist, starting his career and he was all tangled up in organizing his new business, so he told us: "Whatever you do, I believe you". We always wanted to hear that, but...

Logo / Mark

Designing a logo for dental clinic can be tricky. Staying away from clichés is quite difficult and in the end may not be so important for customers. So we decided to go with the cliché that leaves no room for doubt in patients mind, who just want their smile fixed. :)



"Whatever you do, I belive you" - we were granted full freedom, but we were also left with no content, no pictures, no material or information of any kind at all. So we started googling, and a few days later we knew everything about stomatology. Can you imagine people spend their whole life studying it? :D We wanted the site to be clean and straight and punch the visitor in the face only with the crucial information - what we do -- when we do it -- where we do it. We used Bootstrap with sass and few jquery plugins. Nemanja was also provided with a slimmed down version of our homemade CMS, so he can easily upload new promotions, patient testemonials etc.